iPage Vs SiteGround: Our Comparison

Website hosting is an essential part of your online presence and business. It directly impacts your business either positively or negatively. This all depends on how good or bad is your website hosting. Good website hosting can uplift your business performance and vice versa.

This means you should never choose a hosting provider based on a hunch, instead, you should do proper research and comparison before making your final decision. If you want to provide reliable business services for your customer then finding the appropriate website hosting is necessary.

According to Web Tribunal, there are more than 330K hosting providers around the world and even this number keeps on increasing. This means that we can’t certainly say how many hosting providers are available right now. With such a huge number of options available it seems impossible to figure out which one is perfect for your website.

The best course of action would be to list down your requirements and then shortlist less than 5 options from the most popular and reliable hosting providers. Even with only two options left it can be a headache to choose the right one. So, in this case, you need to do a comparison. To make it easy for you, today we’re doing a comparison between iPage vs SiteGround.

Comparison Factors for Hosting

Several factors are involved in making a website hosting provider the best among others. Based on all these factors you should be comparing any hosting company. These factors can include price, server performance, speed, and security because these factors contribute to the success of your website.

Before we move on to the comparison, we must have a look at the factors based on which we will be doing this evaluation. Doesn’t matter which two hosting providers you are comparing these factors can help you a lot to understand which one is better. Here we will be specifically talking about iPage vs SiteGround.

  • Pros & Cons of Using iPage vs SiteGround
  • Features offered by iPage and SiteGround
  • Free additional features are provided along with hosting
  • Speed comparison between iPage and SiteGround
  • Which hosting provider offers better development features?
  • What security features are provided by each hosting provider?
  • Price comparison between iPage and SiteGround
  • Which web hosting company has better customer support?
  • Uptime and server response time of iPage vs SiteGround
  • Which hosting company is more eco-friendly?

Pros and Cons of Using iPage Hosting

No matter how good the hosting provider is they can’t be perfect in everything. So, here we’ll be looking at some of the pros and cons of iPage web hosting.

Pros of Using iPage Hosting

  • iPage hosting plan starts at an unimaginable price of just $1.99. No other hosting provider would be hosting plan as budget-friendly as theirs
  • You can create unlimited email accounts with their hosting plan
  • They have an amazing eCommerce functionality that helps you create an online store with multiple features
  • If you buy a website hosting plan with iPage then you can host an unlimited number of websites
  • With iPage hosting, you will get a free SSL certificate
  • They guarantee 99.99% of server uptime on their website
  • iPage website hosting comes with a website builder that helps you create mobile-friendly websites within a few seconds.

Cons of Using iPage Hosting

  • They offer only 30 days money back guarantee while the domain fee and setup cost are not refundable
  • There is no website staging area so you can’t test any major changes before making them live
  • Although their customer support is good, they are not available for phone support 24/7.

Pros and Cons of Using SiteGround

We’ve listed down some pros and cons of SiteGround:

Pros of Using SiteGround

  • Their customer support is exceptional with a very knowledgeable team and fast response time for all your queries. Their customer support team has a 98% satisfaction rate.
  • SiteGround offer free Cloudflare CDN (Content Deliver Network) with their website hosting plan.
  • They offer system administration 24/7 and have amazing security features to keep your website safe and secure.
  • SiteGround has impeccable uptime of nearly 100% and uses an SG optimizer to drastically improve website speed and performance.
  • The user interface of SiteGround is very simple and user-friendly for beginners as well.
  • Their web servers are located in different regions of the world, and you can choose based on your preference.

Cons of Using SiteGround

  • The price of SiteGround website hosting is comparatively high for those who have a very low budget.
  • SiteGround offers website migration help with their customer support staff but you have to pay a fee of $30 for their website migration service. However, if you use their WordPress migration tool then it’s completely free.
  • They don’t offer unlimited disc space for their web hosting plans and it’s limited to 10GB – 40GB.

iPage Vs SiteGround Features Comparison

It’s very common that whenever you are comparing or buying a website hosting the very first thing that you notice are the features offered. It matters a lot because we’ve to compare and find out which company provides better features. Also, does it have the features that are included in your requirements?

Right now, WordPress is a very popular choice for creating a website. According to Codeless Co, around 40% of the websites are powered by WordPress and 34% of most popular websites are based on WordPress.

Due to its immense popularity here we’ll be comparing the WordPress features offered by iPage and SiteGround. So, let’s see which hosting provider has better features.




Pre-Installed WordPress

Optimized caching technology

Auto updates

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited email accounts

Integrated CDN

Unlimited websites

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress security features

Auto data backup

On-demand backup and restore

Starting plan price below $3

After seeing this comparison table for hosting features provided by iPage and SiteGround. You can see that iPage gets 5 out of 10 and SiteGround gets 7 out of 10 points. SiteGround has an upper hand on iPage.

Free Features Offered by iPage Vs SiteGround

As discussed earlier that currently there are more than 330, 000 website hosting providers, and almost all of these hosting companies provide the same basic features at a similar cost. The reason is that there is no barrier to entry in the website hosting industry. To stand out from the rest of the crowd hosting providers offer some free additional features to be more competitive.

These free features make a huge difference in choosing the perfect hosting provider. Since, these features can be in terms of security, advertisement credit, and development we can’t do a head-to-head comparison. So, let’s move on and see the free features offered by iPage and SiteGround.



  • Free domain name

  • Free SiteLock security feature

  • Free mobile friendly website builder

  • Free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate

  • Free advertising credit on Google, Bing, & Facebook

  • Free business email address

  • Free WordPress migration plugin

  • Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  • Free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate

  • Free enhanced security features, custom WAF

  • Free private DNS (only available with GoGeek plan)

  • Free caching technology to increase website speed

iPage Hosting Vs SiteGround Speed Comparison

Do you know that website loading speed can highly influence your website performance and user experience? Also, with a slow-loading website, you can use a huge number of your customers due to the bounce rate. Your website loading speed is a huge ranking factor for Google.

According to Backlinko, there is a huge probability that if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load then the visitors will bounce. This shows how important it is for you to choose a web hosting provider that provides better speed. Especially if you have an eCommerce website then you could suffer a huge loss due to slow loading speed.

In this article, we will be comparing the hosting speed of iPage and SiteGround. We have rated both hosting companies based on our analysis and comparison. So, let’s find out which hosting provider is better in terms of speed.


Avg. Rating for Speed





Although iPage also has good speed but SiteGround hosting has blazing fast loading speed. If your priority is speed, then SiteGround is the winner. Right now, it is one of the fastest website hosting providers.

Development Features in iPage Vs SiteGround

Support of development features is equally important as any other thing for website hosting. It’s because you need to check the support of the language and platform using which you will be developing your website.

For instance, if your website is using PostgreSQL Database but the hosting provider doesn’t have support for it then the hosting you’ve bought would be useless.

However, if you want to create a website using WordPress then you don’t have to worry a lot about support features because almost all hosting companies support WordPress. But it’s always best to check it beforehand. So, let’s compare the development features of iPage vs SiteGround.




Git Support
WP-CLI Interface
Node.js Support
FTP/SFTP Support
Apache Software

Version 2.2.X

Using Linux-based (Fedora 29)

Python Support

SSH Access
PHP Support

Version 7.4

Version 7.4

MySQL Database

Version 5.6.X

Version 5.7

Unlimited Database
PostgreSQL Database

In terms of development, SiteGround has a clear edge over iPage web hosting. This is because it has the support of many development features that iPage doesn’t offer. For instance, Git support, SSH Access, etc.

Comparing Security Features iPage Vs SiteGround

The basic security feature of a website isn’t something that you can compromise on and must be checked before buying a hosting plan. It’s like buying a car without door locks. We know that not every website hosting provider would have all the security features but it’s necessary to have protection from general cyber-attacks.

Buying a website hosting, domain, and then developing a website takes a lot of time and money. If you choose a hosting provider that doesn’t have basic security features, then all of this would be lost with a single attack on your website. Now that you understand how crucial website security features are let’s see the comparison.




Protection from hack

Protection from SPAM

Protection from DDoS attack

Scanning for viruses

Pachman security tool

Protection from brute force

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Hosting account isolation

Firewall for web hosting

Two-factor authentications

Security monitoring 24/7

You can see in the above table that both iPage and SiteGround have all the basic security features. However, SiteGround is much more advanced in terms of security compared to iPage.

Technology Used by iPage Vs SiteGround

No one would like to select a hosting company that has obsolete web servers and technology that are not reliable enough to host a website with guaranteed performance. So, to ensure that you choose the right hosting provider with the most advanced web servers and technology.

We will be comparing the technology used by iPage and SiteGround. iPage has advanced high-performance web servers with 24/7 network monitoring. Their data center has a power backup by UPS and generators.

On the other hand, SiteGround has high-power web servers with distributed SSD storage. They are also equipped with powerful caching technology with 24/7 server monitoring. SiteGround also has quick integration of the latest technologies for better performance. In our opinion, SiteGround has an edge over iPage in terms of technology as well.

iPage Vs SiteGround Price Comparison

Affordability is another important factor and our comparison would be incomplete if you don’t know the price difference between the packages of iPage and SiteGround. Although due to high competition in the website hosting industry the price difference should ideally be very low. However, it’s not exactly the case here and you can observe huge price differences.

Especially if you have a very low budget and trying to find a hosting provider with as many features as possible. As there is no point in choosing a hosting company that is way above your budget. So, let’s compare iPage and SiteGround in terms of pricing.




WordPress Hosting



Reseller Hosting



Shared Hosting



VPS Hosting


not available

Dedicated Servers



Managed Hosting

not available


After seeing the comparison table, we know that iPage has a slight edge over SiteGround. So, if you’re looking for a more cost-efficient option you should prefer iPage web hosting plans.

Server Performance in Terms of Uptime

Website hosting is all about server performance. We have already discussed server technology used by SiteGround and iPage but here we are specifically talking about server performance in terms of Uptime. A few minutes of downtime for an eCommerce business can cost millions of dollars.

Both iPage and SiteGround guarantee 99% uptime. However, the location of the data center that has these web servers is also very crucial for website hosting to be reliable. It is always preferred to have data centers located far apart in different regions/countries. So, let’s see which hosting has its data centers spread around the world.

Data Center Location Comparison




Location #1

Boston, MA

London, UK

Location #2

Frankfurt, DE

Location #3

Iowa, USA

Location #4

Madrid, ES

Location #5

Sydney, AU

Location #6

Singapore, Singapore

Location #7

Eemshaven, Netherlands

Well, SiteGround is much more reliable than iPage because they have its data centers located in seven different countries. Even if one of their data centers gets damaged you won’t face any downtime. With SiteGround you can even choose the data center where you want to host your website.

Which Hosting Has Better Customer Support?

Even if you have vast experience with setting up your website with a hosting provider there will always be some issue that you won’t be able to resolve without the help of customer support. No matter which website hosting you choose you will be facing such a situation at some point.

In a situation like this, it is very annoying if the customer support staff is not knowledgeable enough, rude, or takes a long time to respond to your queries. It’s better to have multiple customer support features to ask for help. Here we will be comparing iPage and SiteGround support features.




Phone support

Priority support

Ticket support

Website migration

Email support

Live chat support

SiteGround has much more customer support options to connect and share your queries. Their response time staff is also very good. While iPage has only phone and live chat support with comparatively slow response time.

Types of Website Hosting Offered

Different types of website hosting are offered by companies that you can choose from based on your budget and requirements. The purpose of listing the types of hosting is not for comparison and just to show you the options available.

Types of Website Hosting Offered by iPage

  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting

Types of Website Hosting Offered by SiteGround

  • Cloud Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Managed Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting

Which Website Hosting Is Greener?

If your website is hosted with a green hosting provider then it is an added benefit because this way you won’t be polluting the environment. Green website hosting is preferred for being eco-friendly. iPage hosting provider does 200% of carbon offsetting while SiteGround does 100% of carbon offsetting. So, in this case, iPage is the winner compared to SiteGround.

iPage Website Hosting Is Best For

If you have a very low budget and want to host an unlimited number of websites, then iPage website hosting best option for you. As their hosting plan starts as low as $1.99 per month and even on that plan you can host an unlimited number of websites.

iPage might not be suitable for many things but every hosting provider has some specialty and for iPage, it is affordability with unlimited resources. If you think these are your requirements, then don’t hesitate in buying their hosting plan.

SiteGround Website Hosting Is Best For

SiteGround website hosting is the best option for you if want reliable hosting with a fast-loading speed and amazing security features. It is also the best option for eCommerce and WordPress websites. Even WooCommerce and WordPress themselves recommend their users to use SiteGround hosting.

Overall Comparison Between iPage Vs SiteGround

Until now we have compared iPage and SiteGround in terms of different factors including security, speed, features, server performance, etc. In some factors, iPage was the winner and in other cases, SiteGround was better hosting. So, here we’ll do an overall comparison to see which website hosting is the winner.




Features comparison

Speed comparison

Development features

Green comparison

Server Performance

Security features

Support features

Price comparison

Conclusion (Our Verdict)

Creating a successful website starts with finding a perfect hosting provider according to your requirements. Always make sure to compare your choices before finalizing your decision.

After an overall comparison between iPage hosting and SiteGround, we can see that SiteGround turns out to be the winner. This doesn’t mean that iPage hosting isn’t great but when we compare it with SiteGround then it comes in second place.

We hope that this would be helpful for you when choosing a hosting provider for your website. If you are still confused and have any queries, please do let us know in the comment section down below. We’ll help you in every way possible.


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