How to Switch to a Green Web Hosting Provider?

Everyone wants to switch to a green web hosting provider as it is becoming need of the hour. Internet users are now concerned about the adverse effects of carbon (emitted by the internet industry) on the environment. According to Gallup polls, 1 out of 3 American citizens are affected by extreme weather. Since the internet … Read more

How Much Does Green Web Hosting Cost?

The Green web hosting industry is booming as internet users are becoming more aware about the environmental impacts of conventional hosting. If you’re reading this article it means you already know that hosting is one of the biggest contributors to pollution. Just to give you some background, according to Climate Care, the internet industry is … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Website Sustainable

Have you ever thought of the internet industry as a sustainable industry just because it’s paperless? If yes, then you’re highly mistaken. The Internet is one of the highest contributors to pollution, responsible for 3.7% of global carbon emissions. This means that more than 1 billion tons of greenhouse gases are released into the environment … Read more

What Are Green Web Hosting Certificates?

Green web hosting certificates are meant to declare that the web hosting company doesn’t do any damage to the environment. A hosting company that is certified to be green ensures that it doesn’t have any carbon emissions and does not contribute to pollution. Typically, a hosting company has many servers in data centers and each … Read more

What Is Green Web Hosting?

Do you know that web hosting industry is responsible for 2% of the global carbon emission? It’s the same amount of carbon emission as the airline industry. Just imagine its adverse effects on the environment. With the increase in demand for web hosting it can soon reach 3-5%. Green web hosting is part of the … Read more

10 Reasons Why Green Web Hosting Is Important

One of the major polluters today is the internet. According to 2018 data, if the internet were a country, it would be the seventh most polluting in the world. Internet users contribute to the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions whenever searching the internet. It takes significant energy to power millions of data centers and keep them … Read more